Take one step and the rest will follow…

Every year we promise ourselves we are going to get in shape and lose weight. We dust off our trainers and hit the trails or head into the gym. It feels good and we enjoy it but for some reason after 3 or 4 sessions we stop going. Life gets in the way or motivation wanes.

This is where I can make the difference.  When you commit to working with me you are much more likely to achieve your goals because:

  • I will be waiting for you, so you have to turn up – you can’t put it off and decide that today you’d do anything, even the ironing, rather than exercise.
  • I  plan the sessions with your goal in mind, so you turn up and ‘do’.
  • I make the sessions fun and experience shows you get more out of yourself when someone is encouraging and motivating.



As a client of mine Priya, explains:

I love the way you knew before I did that a circuits style session wasn’t my thing so offered something different – my heart lifted when we started our session this morning. I loved it! I really appreciate the way you have understood who I am and listened to what I want to achieve it. You break it down into achievable goals which make me feel good about myself and positive about working out.

By suggesting we do two shorter sessions I can fit it into my life and still make a difference. You have such a motivating personality and even though you are challenging me – we are having fun doing it. I didn’t think working out could be fun – so thank you for helping me achieve my goals and being with me for the journey – I couldn’t do it alone! Priya Gofton