Working hard is important
but what matters even more is
believing in yourself.

Never a truer statement and that is why I love my job. I want to change ‘I can’t ‘ into ‘I can’ because it’s  in doing that we grow as people and make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

As an experienced runner and a UK Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness, I have helped a wide range of runners achieve their running challenges at distances from 5km to ultramarathons. I coach weekly run groups as well as providing individual coaching plans online.  I particularily enjoy working with “ordinary runners” in their quest for personal accomplishments. Past clients have used my plans to run a 5km, improve their 10K times, complete in half and marathon races and complete and compete at ultras. 

So how does it work?

We will have an initial chat, from this I can develop your plan which will take into account your goals, time commitments and current level of fitness. As a coach I put a strong emphasis on communication. Without this I don’t believe I can properly assess and support your progress. Online and text support is unlimited. where possible I will  meet you in person.


“I found Kerry whilst on my own plod through the woods and saw her doing sprints with a group of runners. I thought to myself that’s exactly what I need, so I joined them the following week….the session was hill sprints which had always terrified me (I don’t do hills! So I thought!) But after just one, with lots of encouragement from Kerry, my confidence grew and realised that they weren’t so scary!  After a couple of weekly sessions with Kerry, I knocked a whole minute off my 5km Parkrun PB. I believe this was down to not only the different sprint sessions which really pushed my on physically, but also the mental side of things. My confidence was growing and Kerry has a great way of helping you believe in yourself and what your body can do.  She’s also helped with my running technique, which is something I’ve never thought about before.   Kerry makes you feel very at ease and makes the sessions enjoyable despite them being tough!   Thanks Kerry, I’m really glad I found you!”  Georgia