Mud, Sweat and Beers Training Weekend

Kerry Sutton   October 2, 2016


Mud, Sweat and Beers

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Reviews from the last trail running weekend held on 30th Sept 2017

Paul Guilbertson:

We got lost, stamped through some mud, had a sauna, drunk some beers, learnt about 3D stretching, met some cool people, finally found out what a burpee is, ate some cake and generally had a blast whilst living in a Finnish cabin in Hampshire. What’s not to love?

Diverse, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable coaching team really made us all feel welcome and could offer tips and advice for the beginner up to the more seasoned racer from sprint to ultra distance.

Marilyn Davis:

Thanks for a brilliant weekend with a perfect mix of day and night running, workshops, workouts, fun and laughter with great company, plentiful food and superb hosts.

Claire Byers:

Meticulously planned, wildly varied and accessible to a wide range of abilities. Everything from the brilliantly fun trail adventure to the surprisingly elegant (but devilishly tricky) 3D stretching was designed to teach runners a few great new tricks. The food was delicious and the accommodation perfectly chosen. The icing on the cake was the opportunity to meet this bunch of inspiring and friendly fruitcakes. Despite my aching limbs I’d repeat this in a heartbeat.

Karen Jones:

This was a first for me – hardly ever get to have a child-free weekend and as I headed down to the New Forest, I did wonder why I had chosen a weekend full of mud, sweat & beers rather than an indulgent spa weekend. But I needn’t have worried – I had a weekend that was filled with laughs, challenges, insight, laughs, new running experiences, laughs, good food and not forgetting, laughs. Perfect mix of activities & technique/coaching in a brilliant setting, great accommodation, superb food and such a friendly, positive atmosphere with some lovely people, that I’m missing it as I’m writing this! I am definitely up for doing this again – I loved all of it, but the Night Run was pretty special for me. Thank you so much for planning and organising this so perfectly. Can’t wait for the next one.