What a run, what an event, what a weekend…..

To be part of the UTMB week was something I have thought about for so long. I have wanted to run this incredible event year on year but decided I wanted to wait until I had enough ultra running experience behind me to attack it with confidence.  So it was a shame to get to [...]

The benefits of hill training and mental strategies

The benefits of hill training and mental strategies to help you conquer them with confidence. In short, hill training is good for you and it’s good for your running. Why…? Because… Hill running will make you a stronger, faster and healthier runner. Running hills achieves this by improving leg strength, quickening your stride, developing your [...]

The Mental Game

There are likely to be two occasions when you will need to draw on some mental strength: No. 1 When you are finding it hard to motivate yourself to get out and train. No. 2 When you are out walking and you really don’t want to carry on. You’re tired , it’s cold and/or wet [...]


Ultra running supremo Kerry Sutton gives us some advice on going the distance and training for our first ultra marathon This summer, on 25 June, we’re running our first ultra, Race to the King (RTTK), all 52 miles of it! Taking place for the first time this year in the South Downs, Race to the [...]

How To: Make Time For Exercise

Do you find yourself saying “I would love to do that but I don’t have the time”? Or maybe you say “I can’t” more often than “I can?”. I’d like to draw on the analogy of our bodies being like a bicycle chain. Both will serve you well for months, if not years, without maintenance. [...]

Top tips on Navigation and how best to address those hills

By Kerry Sutton The Dragon’s Back Race, running the length of Wales, has been tantalizing me for a while. With the entire 300km route unmarked, I thought it best to brush up on my navigation skills with Dave Taylor, a Fell running guide and current English Fell Running Champion (V50 category). It’s not often you [...]

Ciara – Running my first ultra! Post race review.

Ciara Davies ran her first ultra on Race to the King. Read how she got on and her advice for others thinking about taking their first steps into the world of ultras. The final countdown In the final stage of training the weekly long run ramps up to 5, 6, 7 hours that, if you are [...]

Ciara – Training for my first ultra – the ideal vs the reality

Ciara Davies is taking on her first ultra marathon, she will be keeping us up to date with all the highs and lows of training for Race to the King in a series of blog posts. “Chapter 3, in which the penny drops (actually there is an avalanche of pennies shattering my beautiful world of delusion). I [...]

Ciara – Training for Race to the King begins

Ciara Davies is taking on her first ultra marathon, she will be keeping us up to date with all the highs and lows of training for Race to the King in a series of blog posts. So far, my training plan has blended in nicely with those training for Bath and/or London and (glossing over the [...]

Ciara – My first ultra

Ciara Davies is taking on her first ultra marathon, she will be keeping us up to date with all the highs and lows of training in a series of blog posts. “I am a 41 year old tax advisor who lives in Castle Combe in Wiltshire, with my husband Nigel and our three children, Nia, 15, Seren, [...]

Going long, don’t go without these…

Banoffe Pie Balls 1 400g Pack Digestive biscuits 1 Banana 1 Can Dulce De Leche/Toffee* Chocolate for coating *”Toffee”/Dulce De Leche can be purchase already prepared – or can be made at home through a process of heating Sweetened Condensed Milk – Recipes/instructions can be found online. Crush Digestive Biscuits in a large plastic bag. [...]

Walk for Joy Presentation

As part of their initiative to boost health in the workplace, and also build a community in the workforce Diageo have organised an endurance event to motivate and inspire … It will take place 10/11 May along the beautiful South Downs Way, and the challenge is for their employees to either walk 50, 20 or [...]

The UK trail running championships 2015

The UK trail running championships 2015 Strength of mind. As runners we have good periods and bad periods of running, years when achieve PBs and feel strong and worthy winners and then years when life gets in the way and it doesn’t all come together as it might. 2015 was been one of those years [...]

Mental Strength

Train your body, but forget to train your MIND at your peril. We have all heard the adage ‘running ultras is 30% physical and 70% mental’, but how many of us really consider what this means? It means that in order to complete and compete in ultra races we need to be physically fit but [...]

The art of Visualisation

VISUALIZATION It’s time to start to play with Visualization, it’s such a valuable tool. You can use it on so many levels. At its most simple it will help you think through what might go wrong in a race and what you will do to over come it. In this way you are less likely [...]