How can I keep myself motivated?

Kerry Sutton   May 23, 2018

I always start with good intentions.
But find it so hard to maintain.
Follow these 5 tips and you will find it easier than you thought!

1) Grab a friend – Camaraderie is a great way to keep you consistent and adds to the fun. Decide together what it is you want to do. It could be rekindling a sport you enjoyed as a child e.g. netball or joining a local 5 a side team. These are social and fun ways to exercise with others before hitting the pub for a social pint! Or how about joining a class – yoga, body pump, circuits or a run group who meet at a regular time each week. Perhaps you’d like to walk or do ‘couch to 5km’ together.  Whatever you decide to do, meeting up with another person means it’s harder to drop out and is often more fun.

2) Get your wallet out! Paying up front for a class is another good motivator. It will encourage you out of the door when you might not feel like it.

3) Use your lunch break – 30/45 minutes is all you need. Go out and walk, get a friend to go with you. Walk and talk. You could have a meeting as you walk.  You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are after some exercise, some fresh air and a change of scene.

4) Download a pedometer app or buy a clip-on one. You won’t need to make extra time in your day or need to even put your trainers on. A pedometer will measure how many steps you take during the day. It’s a great motivator to get you to walk instead of taking the bus, use the stairs instead of the lift or get out and walk with the dog! It becomes a little game with yourself as you have a daily PB to aim for. There is no sweating involved but you will definitely feel the benefits.

5) Find something that interests you and which is slightly beyond what you think is currently possible. Tell everyone about it – you will then be committed to do it.  Deciding to do it for charity is another way to hook yourself in and will make it harder for you to fall off the wagon!

And Remember:
Exercise, activity, me time, whatever you call it doesn’t have to involve pain and sweat and mental arguments with yourself regarding motivation. Rather see it as a pleasant period of time when you are with friends, listening to music, having time to think, and all the while tapping into that legal, ‘natural high’ called endorphins.