Having watched the finishers of the Race to the King arrive at the Winchester Cathedral in June 2016, I decided that the taking part in a 53 mile endurance event along the South Downs was just what I had been searching for. What I had not conceived happening is that I would [...]

I’m not a runner. At least that’s what I believed until I moved to Bath. I’ve been telling myself I’m not a runner for decades. In fact I remember the moment that I made that decision – it was during an 800m race when I was 14 years old. I could see my PE teacher [...]

Last week I took part in the UK’s largest ultramarathon – the 100km Race to the Stones. If you had asked any of my friends 12 months ago whether I’d ever do an ultra – after some expletives, they would all have just laughed. Well, I did and here is my story. We moved from [...]

  It was great to work with Kerry whilst training for my first ultra marathon. Her wealth of running knowledge really helped with my preparation for Race to the King. From training to strength and conditioning and nutrition, Kerry was able to help and advise across the board, providing training plans and being available for [...]

My name is Mary and I am a marathon runner – well I achieved my goal of running the London Marathon in April 17. Not sure if I would say I am a marathon runner but I got there after a lot of hard work and encouragement from family and friends and of course Kerry [...]

Last Saturday I completed my first ultra marathon – the 52 mile ‘Race to the Tower’ along the beautiful Cotswold Way from Stroud to Broadway Tower. With about 7000 feet of ascent with a mixture of hard, bumpy and muddy terrain, It was one of the most challenging and exhilarating things I’ve ever done. I’m [...]

One of the best things about training with Kerry is that the benefits filter through to your whole family. We took our three kids up Snowden last week, and hearing my five-year-old shouting “I can, I will” as we reached the summit made me recognize the depth of her impact. I love feeling fitter and [...]

“I have been having 3 sessions a week for 2 months with Kerry as well as adding a 10k walk in one day a week too. I had not exercised for 6 years and was extremely unfit. I’m going to be completely honest I thought I was going to die on our first 1:1 session. [...]

Back in late 2014 I made the decision to enter the Marathon des sables and after a few crazy tense minutes online trying to get registered before it sold out, I got in and for a split second felt quite exited….then terrified…what had I just spent nearly 4 grand on!! Running 6 marathons in less [...]

So I get into the lake and wait for the start hooter. All my training has gone well. Ive been here many times before, it’s not my first triathlon after all. We start and just 100m into the swim my head tells me “what are you doing out here you don’t like this, are you [...]

After years of doing essentially no real exercise I saw 40 approaching and vowed to sort my life out. I’d always loved athletics at school and had attempted pretty much every team sport at university so I was no stranger to running myself silly. It had just been a really long time….. I was looking [...]

“I found Kerry whilst on my own plod through the woods and saw her doing sprints with a group of runners. I thought to myself that’s exactly what I need, so I joined them the following week….the session was hill sprints which had always terrified me (I don’t do hills! So I thought!) But after [...]