My Spine Race

‘Are you mad?’ ‘Insane?’ And most of all, ‘Why?’ These were some of the questions fielded at me after I had clicked ENTER on the Spine Race 2020. The race is a 268mile, 420km ultra which takes you along the Pennine Way, over and through some of the most inhospitable places in England. Once such [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - March 31, 2020

Crawley 24 hour track race

Have you ever wondered why you choose to enter the races you do? I guess it will usually be because it’s further than you have been before, it’s in a lovely location, it involves more ascent than you’ve done before or you are doing it with a friend… the reasons are many and varied. My [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - May 16, 2019

Sometimes you go out to win, sometimes you win by going out

Oman by UTMB, a race of 134 kms and 7,800m of vertical gain was dubbed ‘the beast’ and, as many ultras claim to be, the ‘worlds toughest ultra’. For once I wouldn’t dispute that. Why? Because of the 326 well-trained athletes who set off, only 135 made it to the finish tape some 44 hours [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - January 16, 2019

Sky Running World Championships – Ben Nevis Ultra

My first foray into skyrunning took place this September in the foothills of Ben Nevis. James and I arrived in Kinlochleven after a quick flight and beautiful drive through gorgeous glens and along the shores of Loch Lomond. We headed straight to the runner’s village which was set up and already buzzing (it had already [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - October 12, 2018

Three Peaks Guinness World Record Attempt

Guinness World Record attempt 5 runners 3 mountains 500 miles Our plan: 5 of us would run up and down each mountain together and then run the 500 miles between them in relay. Planning for this challenge was not plain sailing. We hit a snag early on with two of our runners having to pull [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - May 25, 2018

Lost Island Ultra, Fiji

Here I sit looking out over the Fijian sea to a sun kissed island in the distance. The weather today much more representative of what I had in my mind When I booked my flights to the Lost Island Ultra last year. As with many places around the world the Fijian island has been battered [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - April 22, 2018


What a run, what an event, what a weekend….. To be part of the UTMB week was something I have thought about for so long. I have wanted to run this incredible event year on year but decided I wanted to wait until I had enough ultra running experience behind me to attack it with [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - September 17, 2017

Exmoor Marathon

How the Inner ‘Chimp’ got the better of me on Exmoor. Oh the power of the mind. It’s an incredible force for good but it can also be your down fall. Harnessing it is the answer. Its something some struggle with more than others. I am fascinated about it and here I reveal how my inner [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - April 2, 2017

Bath Half Marathon with Charlie

BATH HALF MARATHON  12th March 2017 Mum of four to wheel 13 year old Charlie around the Bath Half to raise funds for Three Ways School  

Published by: Kerry Sutton - March 1, 2017

Run This Town, Bath

Wednesday 16th November 2016  7.30pm Some one was watching over us for this inaugural event. Only an hour before the heavens had opened and the rain thundered down around the streets of Bath. However, as the hour approached for us to join at the Abbey it dried up and allowed us to have a wonderful [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - November 2, 2016

Mud, Sweat and Beers Training Weekend Facebook: mud sweat and beers trail running adventures Mud Sweat and Beers Trail Running Adventures cover all thing running Night runs Adventure Running, Run Specific Strength and Conditioning 3D Stretching and more Reviews from the last trail running weekend held on 30th Sept 2017 Paul Guilbertson: We got lost, stamped through some mud, had [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - October 2, 2016

Sierra Leone race report

I have been asked a lot since I have come back, “so, how was it?”. It’s easy enough to reply, ‘it was amazing, fun, awe inspiring, challenging, thought provoking, sad, energising, enlightening’ and here’s why..   Sierrra Leone is a country with a hugely troubled past. The civil war it endured for 10 long years [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - May 1, 2016

The UK Trail Running Championships

The UK trail running championships 2015 Strength of mind. As runners we have good periods and bad periods of running, years when achieve PBs and feel strong and worthy winners and then years when life gets in the way and it doesn’t all come together as it might. 2015 was been one of those years [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - December 11, 2015

Jungle Ultra, Peru

An aspect of Ultra running that I relish is that I can complete with men on a level playing field; something I have not found in other sports. Prior to August 2012 I had not run much further than 10km but I was restless and looking to do something that would really ‘test my metal’. [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - September 15, 2015

Muddy Muckers

    ‘The duathlon was one of the best events I have ever had the pleasure of stewarding. The event ran smoothly , with the attention to detail making the kids feel like true sportsmen , in a safe and happy environment. But what was really unique about this event was the way all the [...]

Published by: Kerry Sutton - May 2, 2012