Walk for Joy Presentation

As part of their initiative to boost health in the workplace, and also build a community in the workforce Diageo have organised an endurance event to motivate and inspire … It will take place 10/11 May along the beautiful South Downs Way, and the challenge is for their employees to either walk 50, 20 or [...]

Presentation to Pangbourne college GCSE and A level students

Inspiring, motivational and incredible are just some of the words that describes the engaging and interactive lecture our students received from Kerry Sutton. Her focus was on her experiences as an Ultra Marathon runner and the vigorous preparation (short & long) she goes through. So relevant to any GCSE and A-Level course or anyone interested [...]

How do I choose a coach?

You might ask your self how am I going to choose which coach to work with from all the ones available? I pondered this in the early days. It’s an important question to ask when, give or take, they all seem to offer the same thing. The answer I believe is in finding someone you [...]